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Chukar Hunting Special

The Chukars Are Chuckling

Are You Ready?

One of Nevada’s best kept secrets.  Winnemucca has one of the best Chukar hunting areas to be found.  And now you are in on the secret.

Have your RV ready for you to come back to after a long day of hunting or if you prefer, take your RV with you while hunting and then bring it back to wait for your next trip.  From October 1, 2017 through February 18, 2018 you can park your RV with us for 1 month or for the duration of Chukar season and get a fantastic rate!  You will pay only $280/month (before taxes) and we will pay your electric up to $100/month.  All you will need to do is to show us your hunting or fishing license to get ready to enjoy the season by setting up your home away from home.  (We do ask that you notify us when you are coming in so that we can be sure no one unauthorized is using your unit.)

What’s better than a deal like this?  Having a freezer full of Chukar for the dinner table, that’s what!

Check out this link for more info about Chukars.


Remember to Show us your chukar hunting license and this ad to get your special discount!